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Due to the current situation with the pandemic that is Corona, the soccer season for Assyriska IK is now threatened. We are aware that this situation is dire for everyone now, especially other companies and peoples livelihoods but with great courage we would like to ask for your help.

With your donation to the club it would help with maintaining our goals for the 2020 season that include our youth organisation and youth programs that intend to keep our children healthy, happy and motivated in their everyday lives. It would also allow our organisation to maintain our position in one of the top leagues in Sweden. Our current team is the top Assyrian soccer team in the world.

With your contribution, however big or small, it could help save our current situation. Together we are strong.

Thank you!

Forza Assyriska!

SE83 9020 0000 0902 5160 1929


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If you have questions about the situation or our team, please send us an email.